Let’s make a card game: Part one – Research

As part of the first assignment we have to create a card game with simple rules:

  • It has to be fun
  • it has to have a cool name
  • It has to do something with time travel
  • It has to have a really cool name!!
  • A round has to last a max. of 10 mins
  • If based on chance you the game should not be determined in the first round
  • the rules have to fit a single page of A4
  • there has to be some kind of a goal even without a winning condition
  • It has to be fun!

So as a part of research stage we discovered a lot of people already dealing with the same steps of the design process. There are no rules when it comes to the creation process but a lot of card game designers dealt with a similar workflow: research & play – research again – prototype – test wih friends – change & expand – design – publish.

Here are some useful links that helped me and my team:

Creating a Card Game: From Start to Finish

Wikihow: Create a Card Game of Any Type

The horror of card game design

How to design a board or card game: 10 prototyping tips

What perhaps helped the most was visiting and exploring designer forums. One of the most helpful resources during the research phase was the subreddit /r/gamedesign. Just a single search for “card” in the subreddit yielded lots of useful videos, resources and self posts in which people even prototyped games in posts. I like this approach a lot since at this point it became apparent that the game mechanichs plays a major role.

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